Day 39 – In the Waiting

Although prayer and fasting were vital in my son’s deliverance, the spiritual warfare for Charlie began when he was just a small boy. Charlie’s full name means “strong little warrior,” and from the moment he was born little Charles Wyatt lived up to his name. By the time he was only two years old, this strong-willed child had brought me to my knees in frustration! Fortunately, as I prayed with a friend late one night, the Lord spoke His word to us about Charlie. Actually, the word came as a song by Rosemary Hilvers called “The Zeal of God”:

The zeal of God will consume him, it will burn within his soul

A driving force that cannot be stopped, a fire that cannot be quenched . . .

Throughout his childhood, I sang those words to Charlie every night before he went to sleep. Hundreds of times, my son heard who God said he was and who he was to become one day in Christ. Little did I know that this simple song would eventually save Charlie’s life!

Years later when he was a teenager bound up in addiction, everyone told Charlie that he was a failure and a lost cause. I recall picking him up once after he had been caught shoplifting. I brought him home and then saw him weeping as he looked at himself in the mirror. It was as if the blinders were off, and he could finally see who he had become without God.

I remember putting my arms around him and softly singing into his ear, “The zeal of God will consume you . . .” and he said, “Mom, I want to be free!” Now completely broken, Charlie was ready to become the man God had made him to be! My friends and I began fasting and praying, and in one miraculous encounter his heart and life were changed forever.

Sometimes the Lord brings change instantaneously and other times it is a process. In some cases no matter how much we pray, nothing seems to happen. We plead with God for miracles and hear only silence! As physical beings, we forget that the Lord is at work even when we don’t see anything happening.

When he was seventy-five years old, God promised Abraham he would be the father of many nations, but he would have to wait another twenty-five years for the promise to be fulfilled. During this time, the Lord was shaping Abraham into a man of faith, strength, and endurance who would truly be worthy to be called the father of many nations. God’s timing is always perfect!

Moses was forty years old when he fled Egypt, but it was another forty years before the Lord called him to return. During those years in the wilderness, Moses’ heart was softened to hear the voice of God and then prepared to obey it. God’s timing is always perfect!

Even Jesus was born to save us from our sins in the fullness of time (see Galatians 4:4). There were four hundred years of silence between the final words of the prophets and Christ’s birth. Only the Father knew the right moment for His salvation to appear in our sinful world and also in our lives. God’s timing is always perfect!

We pray for the immediate fulfillment of our desires, but just because we don’t see the answer right away doesn’t mean God is not at work. Just as a seed sends roots into the darkness of the soil before the plant appears, the Lord is also working in our darkness so He can bring forth His fruit into the light! So, let us not grow weary as we wait for God. As we wait, He is preparing our hearts to receive His very best.

But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint. (Isa. 40:31)

Father, You know what I hope and wait for. Thank You for hearing and listening to my prayers! Prepare and strengthen my heart to receive Your answer in Your perfect time. In Jesus’ name, amen.

  • What is God’s view of time?
  • Why is time an important element in developing our faith for answered prayer?
  • Think of an answer to prayer that you had to wait for. How would things have turned out differently if you had not had to wait?