A Night with New Room — What's Next?

What a blessing it was to join in worship and prayer together for A Night with New Room. We are excited about all the ways to stay connected. To begin with, join us for The Awakened Life, a four-week course that begins in a few weeks. Thousands of us will dive into Scripture, prayer, conversation, and transformation together; all centered around the awakening and disciple-making mission of Jesus Christ. Expect to be challenged, encouraged, equipped and empowered for the important season of faith ahead.

Although A Night with New Room was an incredible time of worship and prayer, nothing beats when the Holy Spirit moves among us as a group. We’d love to see you at the next New Room Conference, September 22-24 in Murfreesboro, TN.

If you were moved by Lo Alaman and his spoken word poetry, pre-orders are open for his new book of poetry, We Sang a Dirge. And lastly, as Christians we’re celebrating the new year a little early. The Daily Text community and churches nationwide will join together this Advent around J.D. Walt’s new book The Christian New Year. Don’t miss it.

The Awakened Life (Four Week Course)

The Awakening Life Course is a four week journey of Scripture, prayer, conversation, and transformation...

We Sang a

We Sang a Dirge is not a manual on lament, but rather a glance into the lament of its author, Lo Alaman...

New Room Conference 2021

We’re so excited to join together in-person Sept. 22-24, 2021 to dive into The Second Half of the Gospel...

The Christian New Year (Advent)

But it’s not January 1, you say. For the followers of Jesus, the new year begins with Advent...

The Watch for Awakening is an ongoing 24-7 Prayer movement, comprised of seven prayer watches (of roughly 50 days each) over a year period. We have felt a deep resonance with a particular word from the prophet Isaiah. If a single text could focus our labor, it is this one:

I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the Lord, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.

ISAIAH 62:6-7

This is our watch word. In the spirit of Isaiah 62 we are posting watchers on the walls of this world who will never be silent day or night. We will give ourselves no rest, and give the Lord no rest, till he brings a great awakening and establishes his Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

We will watch and pray. We will listen and speak. Word and Spirit. Heart and home. Church and city. Until heaven breaks in on earth with great awakening.

Daily Text header

It’s not exactly a Bible study, though the Bible is both the source and subject. Though you will learn something about the Bible along the way—its history, context, original languages, and authors—the goal is not educational in nature. Rather, it's transformational.

Seedbed is more interested in folks knowing Jesus than knowing about Jesus. To that end, each reading begins with the definitive inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the ongoing, unfolding text of Scripture. Following that is a short and, hopefully, substantive insight from the text and some aspect of its meaning. For insight to lead to deeper influence, we turn the text into prayer. Finally, influence must run its course toward impact. This is why we ask each other questions. These questions are not designed to elicit information but to crystallize intention.

Discipleship always leads from inspiration to intention and from attention to action.