A Night with New Room — What's Next?

What a blessing it was to join in worship and prayer together for A Night with New Room. We are excited about all the ways to stay connected. To begin with, join us for The Awakened Life, a four-week course that begins in a few weeks. Thousands of us will dive into Scripture, prayer, conversation, and transformation together; all centered around the awakening and disciple-making mission of Jesus Christ. Expect to be challenged, encouraged, equipped and empowered for the important season of faith ahead.

Although A Night with New Room was an incredible time of worship and prayer, nothing beats when the Holy Spirit moves among us as a group. We’d love to see you at the next New Room Conference, September 22-24 in Murfreesboro, TN.

If you were moved by Lo Alaman and his spoken word poetry, pre-orders are open for his new book of poetry, We Sang a Dirge. And lastly, as Christians we’re celebrating the new year a little early. The Daily Text community and churches nationwide will join together this Advent around J.D. Walt’s new book The Christian New Year. Don’t miss it.

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