School of Awakening and Disciplemaking

Each fall, spring, and summer, The New Room School of Awakening and Discipleship offers a series of foundational courses built around—you guessed it—awakening and discipleship. Courses based on Seedbed resources will be guided by the author in a curated Facebook group.

Individuals will select a course (or multiple courses), complete their purchase, and will then be redirected to a Facebook group to join. There you’ll join other participants from around the country and the study’s author for an encouraging and insightful communal journey through the content. While you get settled, we’ll ship you a physical copy of the study book. Additional materials, including bonus content, will be made available inside the Digital Content area of your account at

Small groups and churches may take the School of Awakening and Discipleship a step further by scheduling weekly meetings (either in-person or online) to discuss the content even further. Unlike traditional studies, your group conversations will be enriched by the Facebook discussion. Both the author and other participants will offer insights throughout the week that will both inform and shape even richer small group discussion.

All courses begin Monday, August 24th. Registration closes August 31st.

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