Homosexuality and the Church



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In these pages you’ll:

  • Witness a generous spirit that humanizes the conversation about homosexuality
  • Learn the basic issues at stake in how arguments on either side are framed
  • Grapple with whether or not this should be a defining issue for local churches and denominations

About the Book

Homosexuality—is it a defining issue or a distracting battle? Is it a core issue of Christian belief? A matter of doctrinal fidelity?

Or is homosexuality essentially a question of human rights—the current hotspot in the long battle that progressively has given freedom to slaves and worked for equality for women and other victims of discrimination?

This is a tough issue. Biblical Christians affirm the equality of all humans created in God’s image. We should work to end oppression and injustice; we should help everyone enjoy the full freedom of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What, then, about homosexuality, and homosexual practice?

In this short book, Dr. Howard Snyder approaches these questions with both prophetic nerve and pastoral sensitivity as he invites honest dialogue and authentically Christian conversation.

Preview the first section of Homosexuality and the Church. 

About the Author

Howard A. Snyder is the author of twenty books, including The Problem of Wineskins, The Community of the King, and (with Joel Scandrett) Salvation Means Creation Healed. He taught history and theology of mission in Asbury Seminary’s E. Stanley Jones School of World Mission and Evangelism, 1996–2006. He earlier served as a Free Methodist missionary in Brazil (1968 – 75), and has taught or pastored in Detroit, Chicago, Toronto, and Dayton, Ohio.


  • Length: 5 chapters + conclusion
  • Pages: 103
  • Trim size: 5×8
  • Discussion questions included

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