How to Read the Bible Better [LIVE COURSE]


This three-week course will awaken and satisfy a deepened hunger for the Word of God, expand your understanding of the formative wisdom of the Bible, and give you the tools to read it for all its worth in new and life giving ways. In short, you will learn to become a Bible student without having to become a Bible scholar. You will become a better, more attuned reader of Scripture which will benefit your own faith and enrich the faith of others. 

  • Awaken and satisfy a deepened hunger for the Word of God
  • Expand your understanding of the formative wisdom of the Bible
  • Give you the tools to read it for all its worth in new and life giving ways


About the Course

The Bible is the most published, best selling, most consequential book in the history of the world. It is also one of the most complex documents ever conceived. As a consequence we see a multitude of “simple” approaches to reading the Bible. On the other end, we see many scholarly approaches to reading the ancient text. The challenge comes for those who want something between these poles—more than Sunday School but less than Seminary. How can we read the Bible on its own terms and yet in ways that form us at the deepest levels? In this three-week course, J.D. Walt, author of the Seedbed Daily Text, will help guide you through both a big picture understanding of Scripture and its context as well as a method and pathways of formative reading. How do we apply the whole of the text to the whole of ourselves and the whole of ourselves to the whole of the text?


  • To participate with Revelation in ways that catalyze awakening to a deeper awe and holy love for the Word of God and the God of the Word.
  • To help disciples of Jesus shift their paradigm of reading scripture from a largely human-centered approach to a Triune God approach and from a functional relevance posture to a transcendent revelation posture.
  • To give disciples of Jesus a meaningful, memorable Big Story Framework for reading the Bible in context. Creation. Fall. Israel. Jesus. Spirit. Church. New Creation.
  • To train disciples of Jesus in the core practices of formative reading and move beyond transactional reading. (i.e. What is this text revealing? vs. How is this relevant?) Read. Ruminate. Rememberize. Research. Rehearse.

About the Teacher

J.D. WALT serves as the “Sower-in-Chief” for Seedbed whose sole ambition is to “sow for a great awakening,” by developing theological and ministry training resources for the local church. A sought after speaker and conference leader, a published author and songwriter, J.D. is also the voice of Seedbed’s Daily Text. He hails from Dumas, Arkansas and currently resides in Franklin, Tennessee with his family.


SANDRA RICHTER (PhD) is the Robert H. Gundry Chair of Biblical Studies at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, California. She served as a Professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College for the past four years teaching Hebrew language, exegesis, cultural contexts, and Environmentalism and the Evangelical. For more than a decade she directed an Israel Studies program for Asbury Theological and Wesley Biblical Seminaries. She received her MA from Gordon-Conwell and her Ph.D. from Harvard University’s Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations department. She is deeply invested in bringing the real people and real places of the Old Testament to life for both the academic and the lay person, which she does beautifully through her Epic of Eden series published by Seedbed.

DAVID WATSON (PhD) is the Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs at United Theological Seminary. He also teaches New Testament and has written a number of books on the Bible and spiritual formation, including Seedbed’s Scripture and the Life of God. David is an ordained elder in the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church.

JOSH MCNALL (PhD, Manchester) is assistant professor of theology at Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. He is the author of Seedbed’s Long Story Short: The Bible in Six Simple Movements and blogs regularly at joshuamcnall.com

Course Details

  • Length: Three 90 minute-long sessions over three weeks
  • Live Meeting Dates: Jan. 10, Jan. 17 and Jan. 24
  • Live Meeting Times: 6:30-8:00pm CT
  • Recordings available On-Demand: Yes