Leaving Behind Left Behind





In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told his followers not to worry about what happens tomorrow (Matt. 6:25-34). However, the fear of tomorrow has helped create an end-times industrial complex. A lot of ink has been spilled trying to interpret the last days, the end of the world, and the role of Christians in all of it.

This work is a simple primer into the the world of the rapture theology, looking down at the major markers on the map. It is a different starting point for the conversation, looking instead at where rapture theology came from, why we need to leave it behind, what we can expect when Christ does return, and why we can embrace his return with hope instead of fear.

Omar Rikabi was born in Houston, Texas to a Muslim father and a Christian mother, and was raised Christian in a suburban Dallas Methodist church. With a foot in two different cultures and religions, Omar grew to love teaching and telling stories. When not telling stories, Omar likes to watch movies with his wife Jennifer, read books with his three daughters, Sadie,Norah, and Lilly, and work in the kitchen cooking and grilling for family and friends.