Make All You Can, Give All You Can



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In the business community, as in any profession where the stakes are high, there is no credibility without proven success. So often business books distill that success down to a set of theories or easy to follow steps. Make All You Can, Give All You Can was written from a different perspective—to communicate the how and why of success with real-life, documented examples of business transactions.

Following the progress of a company from start-up to industry leader, you will learn how the application of God’s principles as a core foundation brings true accomplishment, not just monetarily, but also in the satisfaction of growing your greatest asset: people. This book will help you learn to let God lead your business, expedite your learning curve in doing so, and give you access to more than fifty years of hard-earned knowledge with warnings along your journey.

There is much kingdom work to be done throughout the world. If God is calling you to help fund His work in even more significant ways, may you read, study, and begin applying His principles now as a business owner or leader. Though the journey is tough, you will have the immense joy and satisfaction of giving with an eternal purpose and influencing beyond what even you believe or perceive possible.

About the Author

From the time he entered the workforce, Tom Chapman has excelled as a businessman. By the age of thirty, he was an industry leading life insurance salesman, a real estate investor, a building developer, and a citrus grove owner. After becoming a Christian at the age of forty, Chapman felt called to step away from insurance in order to begin Advanced Protection Technologies (APT), an electric power surge protection company that became the leader in the industry and eventually sold to Emerson Electric. Becoming a Christian changed the way Chapman did business and the purpose of his work. His ultimate calling: to give as much as he can.

Tom Chapman lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife of thirty-seven years, Lee. They have two children and nine grandchildren.

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