New Room Conference Talks 2014




On September 17-19, 2014, a group of Wesleyans gathered for what will become a true Annual Conference, marked by worship, community, and renewal. During this time, a phenomenal cast of characters took the stage to speak new life into the Wesleyan movement. These talks (a combined 15 hours of content) are now available for purchase.

Session speakers include:

  • Ed Stetzer
  • Alan Hirsch
  • Deb Hirsch
  • Joseph Dongell
  • Timothy Tennent
  • Justin Wise
  • Philip Meadows
  • William “Billy” Abraham
  • Matt Leroy, Bryan Collier, Jacob Armstrong (Church Planter Panel)

SEED Talk sessions include:

  • Justin Wise
  • Jeremy Steele
  • Kevin Watson
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Kimberly Reisman
  • Jessica LaGrone
  • Ken Werlein
  • Marilyn Elliot
  • Philip Tallon