Resurrection: A Pastor’s Reading of the Major New Testament Resurrection Passages


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The crucifixion of Christ: a tragedy, a travesty or a triumph?

Was the cross of Jesus a tragedy, something sad that didn’t have to happen, but did?

Or, was Good Friday a travesty, something unjust and evil? Was the Father taking out His wrath on poor Jesus?

Or, was Jesus’ violent end a triumph, a legitimately won victory with great moral authority?

Jesus’s crucifixion was not a case of divine child abuse. Jesus is, by the mystery of the incarnation, fully God and fully human, doing what had to be done to show humanity the truth about God and the truth about ourselves.

The author offers a number of sermons/essays on the Resurrection of Christ in the tradition of John Wesley whose sermons and essays were a primary venue for apostolic preaching and teaching.

Relying on the major passages in the New Testament and supporting literature, Thrailkill examines his latest pastoral and theological reflection on the multi-faceted jewel of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Main Contents:

  • Good Friday, Easter and Later Appearances
  • What Resurrection Means for the Church and Its Mission
  • Paul’s Vision of Resurrection: Personal and Cosmic Implications
  • Resurrection Enforced: The New Heaven and New Earth

Resurrection gives us new insight that intersects with today’s culture. Thrailkill should be read by every pastor who is concerned about paying off the theological deficit that has haunted our pulpits over many years.

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