Rhythms of Restoration



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Change is a constant in life. All change produces loss, which can accumulate. If not released, this accumulation of grief can become toxic. Depression, cynicism, frustration, and anger are all indications that we are dealing with loss in very human ways. The realization that we may need help grieving those losses in order to heal can awaken us to the courageous journey of grieving as a spiritual rhythm.

Rhythms of Restoration is a resource for those of us on that journey. It was created out of the spiritual direction and retreat work of Laura Beach, founder of Equipping Lydia, a ministry whose vision is to help Christians experience the deep well of God’s love so that restoration can unfold.

The prayers in Rhythms of Restoration have been developed as mini-retreats to help those who are struggling find the space to acknowledge the losses of life for use by individuals in their times of reflection and inner healing work; for small-group leaders at the beginning or end of meetings; or for those who are experiencing transition. Additionally, these prayers are tender resources for worship and services of healing, or guided prayer for services of death and resurrection.

The mini-retreats align with phases of grief often experienced by those who have suffered loss. These phases are never linear. We don’t climb a ladder out of grief—we heal and grow stronger in Christ as we journey through it. Loss is ever-present in our lives of change, yet the prayer of lament has been largely excluded from the modern Christian experience. This book is a resource to assist us in the release of the pain of our losses to Christ, who in love has already taken it if we will only let it go.

Read the preface, introduction, and preview the first mini-retreat.

About the Author

Laura Baber Beach spends her days listening to the stories of people who are seeking God in the midst of lives of service. As founder of Equipping Lydia and as an ordained deacon in The United Methodist Church, she guides guests to the deep well of God’s love. She is an experienced spiritual director and facilitates what is called the gentle way of spiritual renewal.

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