So You Want to Plant a Church?




With this Seedbed short, we want to help you discern the call of God regarding church planting from real church planters—planters who have developed a theology of church planting that stands the test of real life and who have earned the right to speak directly to prospective church planters. Listen to them. And through them, listen to the Holy Spirit.

Part One
1. Why Plant Churches?
2. Before You Plant: 6 Church Planting Questions
3. Why Are Wesleyans Starting New Churches?
4. Christ-Centered Church Planting
5. Five Lessons from 14,000 Professions of Faith
6. Church for the Unchurched
7. Learning from Global Church Planting

Part Two
8. On Ambition
9. Top Ten Things Satan Wants You to Believe
10. Planting is a Path
11. Planting in the Spirit of Joel
12. Three Pros & Cons of Bivocational Church Planting
13. Top Ten Mistakes I’ve Made as a Church Planter
14. Change and the Church Planter