The Framework Of Our Faith


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It is not easy for the average Christian to get a holistic view of Christian doctrine. Most of us know our faith only in parts. How much richer it is when we see those parts as they relate to each other and form a consistent whole.  An innovative presentation of historic Christianity is given.

The goal of this book (which is in a 13-week series) is to help the seeking lay person, the Bible school student, and younger Christian workers to understand how the various parts of our faith fit together. The different subjects addressed indicate the breadth of the series: the framework of the Christian faith, salvation, sanctification, discipleship, prayer, and the nature of the church.

Appropriate for study for United Methodists desiring to understand basic United Methodist beliefs.

Chapter Listings:

Chapter 1:  Getting Started
Chapter 2:  Belief in God
Chapter 3:  God the Creator
Chapter 4:  The Jesus of History
Chapter 5:  Jesus:  God Incarnate
Chapter 6:  The Word of the Cross
Chapter 7:  The Power and the Wisdom
Chapter 8:  The Spirit of the Lord
Chapter 9:  The People of God
Chapter 10:  The Means of Grace
Chapter 11:  The Written Word
Chapter 12:  The Double Cure
Chapter 13:  The Hope of Glory

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