The Problem of Wineskins (40th Anniversary Edition)



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Perfect for:

  • Pastors seeking to assess their faithfulness to biblical ministry
  • Lay people exploring non-professional ministry
  • The pastor’s library

In these pages you’ll:

  • Learn to discern how the kingdom of God meets and challenges culture
  • Be equipped to assess current organizational models of the church
  • Discover how a book written decades ago still meets today’s challenges

About the Book

Wine (the gospel of Jesus Christ) and Wineskins (the man-made structures of the church). How do the two relate? What happens when new wine is poured into old wineskins? What about making new wineskins? In short: What kinds of church structures are most compatible with the gospel in our modern, techno-urban society? In The Problem of Wineskins: Church Structure in a Technological Age, Howard Snyder addresses these questions — and provides some challenging answers. In the course of his argument he discusses the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, the mind of Christ, the role of spiritual gifts, the pastor as a superstar,” and renewal that is deeply spiritual and immediately practical.

About the Author

Howard Snyder (PhD) is a pioneer in missional church and kingdom thought. Currently he serves as the International Representative for the Manchester Wesley Research Centre in Manchester, England. He was formerly professor of the history and theology of mission, Asbury Theological Seminary (1996-2006); Professor of Wesley Studies, Tyndale Seminary, Toronto, 2007-2012. He is a popular speaker and prolific author. His works include The Problem of Wineskins, Community of the King, and most recently, Jesus and Pocahontas: Gospel, Mission, and National Myth.

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We have both always felt that Howard Snyder’s writings were prescient in that they rightly foresaw many of the issues the church was to face over the coming decades. (Debra & Alan Hirsch, Verge Network)

I am profoundly grateful for this new edition. It offers the opportunity for Howard’s simple message to be read again at a time when it is even more needed than perhaps before. (David Fitch, Northern Seminary)

The Problem of Wineskins was a spiritual earthquake for me. . . . [his work was] nothing less than a spiritual revolution in my understanding of discipleship, ecclesiology, Trinitarian theology, and the social implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Timothy C. Tennent, President of Asbury Theological Seminary)

Much has changed in four decades, but not the need for biblical wisdom and missional insight into structures for church life and leadership. Snyder’s wisdom and work remain remarkably relevant!” (Christine Pohl, Asbury Theological Seminary)

I would put this in the top five books that every serious-minded Christ-follower should read in order to enlarge their view of God’s kingdom and rightsize the conventional and current parameters of the church.” (Ross Rains, Pathfinders Fellowship)

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