True Believers Poster


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  • Size: 11×14
  • Color: Black/White
  • Printed on professional matte paper
  • Frame for example only


Here’s to the true believers; the holy discontents; the ones who know there must be more. They—re always asking, ever seeking and they won’t stop knocking until the the door finally opens.

They notice the small, favor the underdog and run on the path of impossible things.

You can persecute them, abandon them, even strike them down. The one thing you can’t do is stop them—for like buried seeds, they just keep rising.

They can’t let go of the promise of greater things because they know it comes down to the greater love; for where there is great love, miracles always happen. And where miracles happen, the world wakes up.

Indeed, the world waits for awakening while the Spirit searches for the ones who will sow the seeds.

It’s time to band together and sow for a great awakening.

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