Your Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer




Fasting is the spiritual discipline of reality, the interior posture of recognizing how radically we depend on God—choosing the hungers of reliance and desperation even when circumstances may be okay. The truth is, we are always in desperate need of God, though conditions or surroundings may buffer and conceal it. Fasting pierces that veil.

In this short PDF guide to fasting and prayer, Bill Bright offers both spiritual guidance and practical ways to launch into and break a fast. You’ll find everything you need to begin this enriching spiritual discipline.

William R. “Bill” Bright (1921-2003) was an American evangelist and organizational leader. Fueled by his passion to present the love and claims of Jesus Christ to “every living person on earth,” Dr. Bright spent more than five decades building and leading the Orlando, Florida-based Campus Crusade for Christ.