Welcome to the Awakened Life Course!

Welcome to
The Awakened Life Course!

We're so glad that you'll be joining us for this run of the Awakened Life course!


The Awakening Life Course is a four week journey of Scripture, prayer, conversation, and transformation; all centered around the awakening and disciple-making mission of Jesus Christ. Expect to be challenged, encouraged, equipped and empowered for the important season of faith ahead.

The course will unfold over four weeks with the following subjects:

Week 1 (2/7)—Waking up to the Word of God: Beholding Jesus
Week 2 (2/14)—Waking up to the Spirit of God: Breathing Prayer
Week 3 (2/21)—Waking up to the Body of Christ: Banded Discipleship
Week 4 (2/28)—Waking up to the Kingdom of God: Becoming Love


  1. Join the Awakened Life Facebook Group here. Have your order number ready!
  2. Head back to my.seedbed.com and log into your account (you have one—you would have created it upon order). Bookmark the page so you have quick access to the files that supplement the teaching.
  3. Be on the lookout for The Awakened Life book by J.D. Walt, which should be shipping out any minute!


J.D. Walt, author of the Awakened Life and Sower-in-Chief for Seedbed will serve as the host and lead teacher of the course.

On Mondays will join together on Zoom at 6:30pm CT/ 7:30pm ET for a 90-minute gathering and panel discussion. The primary teaching will be pre-recorded, so while this will be an encouraging corporate time, participation is optional. We'll make the recordings available after the fact as well in your Seedbed account and in the private Facebook group as well.

Zoom Access

The Awakening Course Zoom Panel

  • Monday, February 7 at 6:30pm CT / 7:30pm ET
  • Monday, February 14 at 6:30pm CT / 7:30pm ET
  • Monday, February 21 at 6:30pm CT / 7:30pm ET
  • Monday, February 28 at 6:30pm CT / 7:30pm ET

You will receive an email with the Zoom link. If for some reason it doesn't come through, send us an email or check the Facebook group.

As the course proceeds, you'll be guided through a common text of Scripture from two celebrated awakening passages: chapters 37 and 47 from the prophet Ezekiel. These readings are included in the course companion book, The Awakened Life. You can read Part 1 when you receive the book begin Part 2 on February 7th.

Thanks for the faith to jump into this. We're hopeful for what the Holy Spirit will do through our time together.