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‘Been craving a deeper relationship with other Christian musicians and Worship Leaders, and men of faith…and have tried to open myself up to reach out to others online through putting it on my Facebook page, but Jeff has been the only one who’s taken me up on it, and I have been struggling with too much heavy weight in my spirit to be inspiring to anyone…

So, today, as I watched the simulcast of the “New Room” Conference, J.D. Walt said that bands should be small groups of people who meet together, share their sins, struggles, victories & prayers with each other, keep each other accountable, while challenging & encouraging each other’s Spirits.

Fellas…I WANT some of that, don’t you? I NEED some of that in my life, and so do the brothers -in-white whom we serve. So, I felt called to change my idea & follow God’s calling to reach out to the 6 of you so that we can begin strengthening & sharpening each other for the work of the Kingdom…whether or not we ever serve on a Kairos weekend together again.

I don’t know HOW this is gonna work, if it’s gonna be in person, on Zoom, or just typing out answers together in the Discipleship App…or all 3, but I know I’m supposed to ask.

Whaddya say?