Trackers Life of Discipleship

In these forty Life of Discipleship lessons, students will be exploring some of the foundations of the faith, but these lessons are organized differently than those of the Old Testament and New Testament years. Every four weeks, you and your students will enter a new module that explores the depth of what we believe as Christians.

Our understanding of the word tracker changes a bit this year as well. When we first began tracking the truth in faith, we were learning a lot of new information, but as faith grows, we move from following to leading. This is what discipleship is all about. So in this year of curriculum, we are going to be tracking our faith by learning what it means to be and make disciples. This requires that we find our path and lead others down it as well. As trackers, we will not only be challenging ourselves along the course, but we will be coaching and training others to stay on the path with us.

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