Adult Bible Studies

Akin to a Quarterly Bible Study and designed to be engaged by small groups, Sunday school classes, one-on-one discipleship approaches, and individual learners, the OneBook Daily-Weekly is a Bible learning resource for the long haul.

Released in eight- and twelve-week installments, each volume of the Daily-Weekly will be dedicated to a contiguous body of Scripture, and each of the volumes will come from a different part of the Bible (e.g. Old Testament, Gospels, Wisdom, Epistles).

As the name suggests, the Daily-Weekly provides a passage of Scripture each week, broken into five daily readings, with a sixth day for focused reflection and one day for weekly gathering. Each week will be accompanied by a seven- to ten-minute video teaching session from the author of the study.

Because of our commitment to staying with the narrative flow of the text, the Daily-Weekly will not be arranged topically. The purpose of the resource is to assist learners in the long obedience of becoming people and communities of One Book. Daily-Weekly titles can be studied in any order.

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