Francis Asbury’s Letters to Preachers





In October 1771, Francis Asbury traveled to America from Great Britain at the behest of John Wesley. During his 45 years here, he devoted his life to Great Commission ministry, traveling thousands of miles on horseback and by carriage to reach those living across the vast frontier. He superintended hundreds of circuit-riding preachers and church plants/preaching points. In so doing, he spread Methodism in America as part of the Second Great Awakening.

About the Author

Matt Friedeman (PhD) is Professor of Evangelism and Discipleship at Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi, and pastor of DaySpring Community Church. Matt has been active in the Jackson media as a columnist, podcaster, radio talk show host and television commentator. His book Swallowed Up in God: The best of Francis Asbury’s Journal and Letters is available at