New Testament Fully Digital Experience (entire year)


The Fully Digital Experience is the whole Trackers of Faith package for the New Testament year delivered online to your leadership and teachers. No physical products will be shipped to you, and the content will be accessed via the Seedbed Kids website wherever you have internet access. See expanded detail below, or learn more at!



Each of the 40 New Testament lessons of the program are included in this product. Weekly components include:

  • Leader Guide (downloadable PDF)
  • Leader Guide (editable Word file available upon request)
  • All student activity pages—Level A, Level B, Level C (downloadable PDF)
  • Animated videos (.mp4)
  • Trackers worship album (.mp3)
  • Trackers worship chord charts (downloadable PDF)
  • Lyric and hand motion videos for worship (.mp4)
  • Small teaching posters (downloadable PDF)
  • Student take home cards (downloadable PDF)
  • Large classroom Challenge posters (downloadable PDF)
  • Farm Talk Podcast (.mp3)

Your Digital Experience order also authorizes any teacher or parent within your church to access all the worship music, animated videos, and the Farm Talk Podcast free of charge by creating and account on the Digital Hub.

*Note: The Fully Digital Experience price is for the full year of material and is non-refundable once purchased. 

New Testament Scope and Sequence

LESSON 1: Trackers Know Jesus: Jesus is the Promised One
LESSON 2: Trackers Believe: Zechariah and Elizabeth Fulfill Prophecy
LESSON 3: Trackers Hear the Voice of the Father: John Baptizes Jesus
LESSON 4: Trackers are Tested: Jesus is Tested in the Wilderness
LESSON 5: Trackers Follow Jesus: Jesus Calls the Twelve Disciples
LESSON 6: Trackers Listen to the Teachings of Jesus: Jesus Gives the Sermon on the Mount
LESSON 7: Trackers Have Faith: Jesus Heals the Sick
LESSON 8: Trackers Are Forgiven: Jesus Talks to the Woman at the Well
LESSON 9: Trackers Are Sent: Jesus Sends Out His Disciples
LESSON 10: Trackers Offer Themselves to God: Jesus Multiplies the Fish and the Loaves
LESSON 11: Trackers Endure the Storms of Life: Jesus Walks on Water
LESSON 12: Trackers Embrace the Holiness of God: Jesus On the Mount of Transfiguration
LESSON 13: Trackers Trust the Good Shepherd: Jesus is the Good Shepherd
LESSON 14: Trackers Are Found by the Good Shepherd: Jesus Looks for the Lost Sheep
LESSON 15: Trackers Are Welcomed Back: Jesus Tells the Parable of the Prodigal Son
LESSON 16: Trackers Are Compassionate: Jesus Tells the Parable of the Good Samaritan
LESSON 17: Trackers Are Friends of God: Jesus Visits Mary and Martha
LESSON 18: Trackers Rise Again: Jesus Raises Lazarus from the Dead
LESSON 19: Trackers Strive to See God: Jesus Goes to Zacchaeus’s House
LESSON 20: Trackers Remember Jesus’ Sacrifice: Jesus Eats the Last Supper and Dies on the Cross
LESSON 21: Trackers Have a Relationship with the Lamb of God: Jesus’ Death and Resurrection
LESSON 22: Trackers Share the Good News of Jesus: Jesus’ Ascension and Great Commission
LESSON 23: Trackers are Anointed: The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost
LESSON 24: Trackers Have Fellowship with One Another: The Church Begins
LESSON 25: Trackers Walk with God and Praise God: Peter and John Heal a Crippled Man
LESSON 26: Trackers Sometimes Suffer: Stephen Becomes the First Martyr
LESSON 27: Trackers Are Changed: Saul the Persecutor becomes Paul the Apostle
LESSON 28: Trackers Respond to What Jesus has Done for Them: Philip Baptizes the Ethiopian
LESSON 29: Trackers Live on Mission: Paul Goes on Missionary Journeys
LESSON 30: Trackers have Eternal Life in Jesus: Understanding the Romans Roundabout
LESSON 31: Trackers All have Spiritual Gifts: Paul Instructs the Corinthians
LESSON 32: Trackers have the Fruit of the Spirit: Paul Writes to the Galatians
LESSON 33: Trackers Put on the Armor of God: Paul Writes to the Ephesians and Colossians
LESSON 34: Trackers Live with the Future in Mind: Paul Writes to the Thessalonians and Philippians
LESSON 35: Trackers are a Godly Example for Others: Paul Coaches Timothy and Titus
LESSON 36: Trackers Walk by Faith: The Hebrews Learn about Faith
LESSON 37: Trackers Show Their Faith Through Love: James Teaches us to be Doers of the Word
LESSON 38: Trackers Surrender All to Jesus: Peter Writes Words of Truth
LESSON 39: Trackers Walk in Light and Love: 1 John Teaches about Light and Love
LESSON 40: Trackers Look for Jesus to Return: Jesus is Coming Back

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