Our Great Redeemer’s Praise Deluxe Leather Hymnal


The Deluxe Leather Edition of the Our Great Redeemer’s Praise Hymnal is bound in dark blue, top grain Cromwell leather for a beautiful, supple finish. With flexible binding, silver gilding, and a ribbon marker, it’s designed to stand the test of time for pastors and music leaders.

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About the Deluxe Leather Edition

The paper stock—This 800-page hymnal is printed on 35lb Domtar White Century Premium Opaque. The paper was produced by special order, which required a full railroad box car quantity of stock, manufactured at Domtar’s mammoth paper mill in Nekoosa, Wisconsin. It was selected for its excellent brightness and high opacity which ensures excellent readability. As an archival-grade acid-free paper it will last for generations.

The printing—was performed by the legendary Lakeside Book Company, which is the legacy R.R. Donnelly and Sons, at its Crawfordsville, Indiana, printing plant, the largest book manufacturing installation in North America. This hymnal was printed on the same presses as some of the most familiar hymnals of the past generation.

The leather—This volume is bound in genuine full-grain leather furnished by Cromwell Leather Company, the book industry’s oldest and finest leather purveyor. It was processed in Cromwell’s plant in the Valencia region of Spain. The Montana finish was intentionally selected due to its natural finish which results in each book having a unique grain based on where on the hide the book cover originated. The Atlantic blue color pairs beautifully with the popular navy-blue version of the regular hymnal edition. The warm matte luster and luxurious, plush, and silky feel belies the fact that this is a tough durable leather that will last for many generations of frequent use.

The binding—With its silver gilding, Bible end sheets, and beautiful ribbon marker, the binding was performed at the nation’s leading specialty binding facility in East Tennessee. The pages in the book itself are thread stitched by the traditional Smyth sewing method employed by quality bookbinders for more than a century. The first and last signatures, or sections of the books, are reinforced by cambric cloth which ensures that the pages will stay firmly in the case. The silver foil for the gilded edges is applied in a handmade process unchanged for centuries.

The book’s design—The beauty of the natural grain genuine leather and simplicity of the case stamping design, with its silver cross and clean spine type for the title, reflect a restraint that hints at a level of quality rarely seen in books today.

Indeed, this volume bears the marks of true traditional book manufacturing quality. Seedbed is proud to showcase the best of the nation’s book manufacturing skills. In a time when much specialty binding has moved offshore, we are pleased to offer this treasure of American book trade craftsmanship.

About the Hymnal

The myriad of church traditions that emerged from the ministry of John and Charles Wesley share a distinctive canon of Christian worship across the full scope of the Wesleyan movements that include millions of believers around the world. Selections for this hymnal were garnered from a thorough review of the previous denominational hymnals, which provided a core base of hymns that unite us across the various expressions under the Wesleyan umbrella. In addition, many distinct hymns were submitted by consultants in the United Methodist, Free Methodist, Global Methodist, Wesleyan, Nazarene, AME, AMEZ, CME, Church of God in Christ, Church of God Anderson, Church of God Cleveland, Salvation Army, Christian and Missionary Alliance and Anglican churches, enabling this hymnal to contain a comprehensive pan-Wesleyan harmony of worship.

Spanning back to the early centuries of the Christian church as the foundation, and incorporating contemporary hymns of the present day, the further beauty of this collection lies in the rich intersection of hymnody from all of these diverse traditions to provide a unity of shared worship. This hymnal bears witness to the essential themes of holiness and sanctifying grace that have been gifts of the Wesleyan movement, and which John Wesley referred to as the “Grand Depositum” for which the people called Methodist were chiefly raised up.

Perhaps the most visible and practical feature of this hymnal is that the grand story of the gospel as summarized in the Apostles’ Creed provides the structure wherein all of the hymns find their place. Because the Apostles’ Creed is the unifying foundation for all true expression of Christian faith, the broad spectrum of diverse hymns contained here all spring forth from these central tenets. This shared foundation and catechetical nature of the creed makes Our Great Redeemer’s Praise a true treasure for all branches of the Christian church to embrace.

Contains 675 hymns including:

  • Hymns for the entire church year
  • A rich treasury of hymns by Charles and John Wesley
  • Wesleyan themes of prevenient, justifying, and sanctifying grace
  • Classic favorite hymns and contemporary selections across the breadth of church history

Liturgical elements include:

  • Baptism and Holy Communion liturgies
  • Service music for various occasions
  • A rich collection of creeds, prayers, and benedictions
  • A selection of metrical psalter hymns
  • Hymns organized around the twelve articles of the Apostles’ Creed

Wesleyan worship traditions incorporated in the collection:

The Wesleyan Church, Church of the Nazarene, The United Methodist Church, AME, AMEZ, CME, Church of God in Christ, Free Methodist Church, Global Methodist, Church of God-Cleveland, Church of God-Anderson, the Salvation Army, Christian and Missionary Alliance, Anglican.