Sanctity Without Starch


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A layperson’s guide to a Wesleyan theology of grace.  This book could be used as a basis for discussion in small groups with a review and study questions after each chapter.

How does the Holy Spirit work in our lives? Does infant baptism do anything for a child? Does God work in our lives only after conversion?What is the difference between prevenient, justifying and sanctifying grace? (Isn’t grace simply grace?) Isn’t faith a personal matter? Should it relate to social outreach?

Bob Tuttle deals with these questions and many more. He defines grace, a term synonymous with the work of the Holy Spirit, and demonstrates how the Holy Spirit works in our lives from “cradle-to-grave.” Tuttle explains how an over-emphasis on law, without the balance of grace, can rob a Christian of vitality and joy.

He uses wit, wisdom and humor to help Christians see how God’s grace works in everyday life. Throughout the book the author cites dozens of Scripture passages and recalls numerous personal examples from more than 40 years in ministry. His goal: helping us to see the importance of living a Christian life of Sanctity Without Starch!

Table of Contents

Part I  The Law of Sin and Death

1. Original Righteousness:  In God’s Own Image
2. Original Sin:  A Propensity to Disobedience
3. Prevenient Grace:  God’s Initiative
4. Infant Baptism:  Grace Accelerated
5. Actual Sin:  The Age of Accountability

Part II  Grace, the Power of the Holy Spirit

6. Justifying Grace:  The Spirit in You
7. Justification:  The Forgiveness of Sins
8. The New Birth:  Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Part III  The Law of the Spirit of Life

9. Sanctifying Grace:  Overcoming Sin
10. The Fruit of the Spirit of Love
11. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit:  Readiness for Ministry
12. Sanctification:  Grace Fulfilling the Law
13. Against a New Legalism

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