Scripture and the Life of God



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Perfect for:

  • Seekers wanting to understand the Christian faith better
  • Church members seeking to enrich their understanding of Scripture
  • A pastor’s library

In these pages you’ll:

  • Gain spiritual appreciation for the Bible
  • Grapple with some of the difficult portions of Scripture
  • Learn to use the Bible as a means of grace and catalyst for personal growth

About the Book

Entering into the life of God is like walking into the ocean. The further you go, the more immersed you become. You become more aware of its overwhelming power, its vastness and mystery. The difference is that if you walk too deeply into the ocean you will die, but walking deeply into the life of God brings life. Our desires, our character, the way in which we regard ourselves and other people–all of these change. And this newness of life does not end when our physical bodies die, but extends into eternity. The life of God never ends, and you and I are being drawn into that divine life.

In Scripture and the Life of God, David Watson takes us on a journey through what it means to enter into the life of God through texts that God has inspired and made authoritative for the teaching of the Church. Many of us read the Bible during private devotion time, and this is a very helpful practice, but there are also many other ways to walk down the pathway of Scripture into the divine life. Prayer, meditation, music, corporate worship, and other practices facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit through Scripture in drawing us into the divine life.

There is not one right way to engage the Bible. We should use all the means at our disposal to weave the teachings of Scripture into our lives. The Church has, through the centuries, passed down to us myriad ways in which we can engage Scripture. By availing ourselves of these practices, we can facilitate the work of the Holy Spirit in our own lives, and enter more fully into the life of God.

About the Author

Dr. David F. Watson is the Academic Dean and Vice President for Academic Affairs at United Theological Seminary. He also teaches New Testament and has written a number of books on the Bible and spiritual formation. David is an ordained elder in the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church. He currently serves on the Miami Valley District Committee on Ordained Ministry and the West Ohio Inclusive Body of Christ Ministry Team for Persons with Disabilities.


  • Pages: 5 chapters/weeks
  • Page count: 137
  • DVD accompaniment: No

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