Seeds: A Scattering of Ground Breaking Ideas




Seeds: A Scattering of Groundbreaking Ideas is a seminal collection of the formative documents of early Wesleyan thought. As Methodism was germinating, Wesley and his associates were writing extensively in their journals, excerpting vital works from the spiritual greats, and reflecting on the great work that was being wrought in and through them.

Seeds provides a vital sampling of edited excerpts from such writings as a 1915 essay by President Woodrow Wilson on “John Wesley’s Place in History ; Rules and Exercisse for Holy Living by Jeremy Taylor; “The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis; Martin Luther’s “Preface to the Book of Romans (the text read at Aldersgate Street which warmed Wesley’s heart); John Fletcher’s The New Birth ; John Wesley’s “A Plain Account of Christian Perfection ; Wesley’s reflective sermon on the occasion of the “Laying the Foundation of the New Chapel Near City-Road, London.

These and other early writings have never before been collected in abbreviated form in a single edition. Editor J.D. Walt has artfully selected choice portions of each work, giving the reader a taste of the vision and authority that we recognize today as the Wesleyan revival that swept England and America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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