The Letter to the Galatians (OneBook: Daily-Weekly)



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About the Study

What is the Christian’s relationship to the Old Testament? How does Christ fit in to the larger story of salvation reaching as far back as Abraham? What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s life?

These are just some of the principal questions that Paul addressed as he wrote his letter to his converts in the Roman province of Galatia, and they remain as relevant today as they were then. Discover the whole of Paul’s proclamation of the —good news afresh — the good news that not only delivers us from the consequences of sin, but from its power.

About the Author

David A. deSilva (PhD) serves as Trustees— Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek at Ashland Theological Seminary. He is the author of two dozen books, including An Introduction to the New Testament: Contexts, Methods, and Ministry Formation, which has nurtured thousands of Christian workers in English, Arabic, Chinese, and Korean contexts. He is an ordained elder in the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church.

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Week One Video


  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Page count: 108
  • DVD accompaniment: Highly encouraged — 8, 7-10 minute sessions

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