The Preaching Works of J. Ellsworth Kalas




Like few others, Ellsworth Kalas has been preaching for the better part of a century. Ellsworth Kalas has become one of the most beloved preachers in the church. These 9 sermons, personally selected by Dr. Kalas, represent the first volume of messages chosen from his years of service at Asbury Theological Seminary, where he worked at posts ranging from Professor of Preaching to President of the Seminary. This resource is ideal for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in solid biblical preaching, especially for preachers seeking to hone their own craft.

Note: Available in digital only. The collection of all 9 sermons is $9.99.

      Three CD Digital Collection of all Nine Sermons

1.  I’d Rather Be Wrong (10/07/2008)

2.  Apostolate of the Anonymous (03/08/2007)

3.  It’s All About You (03/01/2007)

4.  School Can be the Pits (05/06/2004)

5.  Ministry is a Feminine Noun (03/16/1999)

6.  Intimate Peril (10/01/1998)

7.  The Bad Guys are Wearing White Hats (09/24/1996)

8.  II Samuel 19 16-23 (10/24/1994)

9.  Altering to March (10/28/1993)