Resources and Studies for the Fall

Fall Bible Studies and Resources

Kick off this fall with engaging studies, childrens curriculum, and small group resources that will awaken hearts and help your church grow closer to Jesus

Summer vacation is coming to a close, kids are getting ready to go back to school, and people are ready to find a sense of normalcy and routine again. And while you've been working hard preparing to welcome people back to church this fall, Seedbed has been working hard putting together the best collections of Bible studies and other resources to help you as you plan for your fall studies and lessons!

We've highlighted a few of our favorites here, but let us know if there's something else you're looking for. Reach out to us at and we'd love to help you find the best resources for you and your church.

Still doing the virtual thing? We have a plan for that too.

The Epic of Eden

The Epic of Eden study series is ideal for church groups wanting an approachable, yet substantive study of biblical text. In each of these five studies, Dr. Sandra Richter helps groups grasp the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Old Testament and how it relates to God’s activity in the present. So whether you are looking for a 12-week, 10-week, 8-week, or 6-week study, we've got you covered!

“The Epic of Eden has been eye opening, heart pounding, tear producing—and I’m only halfway through!”

"I have been in church all my life, have read the Bible all my life; but now I finally understand it." 

Trackers of Faith

Trackers is a program designed to develop the basics of Christianity in our children, instilling in them a desire to seek truth for themselves.

With a full, three-year curriculum, Trackers provides all the assets and resources you need to create an engaging teaching experience. Each week, children will learn practical lessons of personal application to help in their own spiritual growth as they see a picture of Jesus emerge in the Old Testament and ultimately revealed in the New Testament.

"The quality is incredible! The content is solid and rich! We've never come across children's literature that is so well developed, so well crafted, and so well presented."

For the Body

In this 8-week study, groups will unpack what it means to be created in the image of God and how our bodies serve as icons that illuminate God’s purposes. You'll examine topics like marriage, family, singleness, friendship, and how the human body has been objectified in art and media today.

For the Body offers a framework for discipling people today in a Christian theology of the body.

"[For the Body] is well worth the time to read slowly and thoughtfully. I learned and considered things I'd never thought of, and looked at scripture in a new, deeper way. Very helpful in these confusing times."

Go Beyond Just Studying the Bible this Fall and Become Transformed by It

The Seedbed Daily Text isn't exactly a Bible study, but the Bible is both the source and subject. While you will learn something about the Bible along the way—its history, context, original languages, and authors—the goal is not educational in nature. Rather, it's transformational.

Seedbed is more interested in folks knowing Jesus than knowing about Jesus. To that end, each morning email begins with the definitive inspiration of the Holy Spirit and the ongoing, unfolding text of Scripture. Following that is a short and, hopefully, substantive insight from the text and some aspect of its meaning. For insight to lead to deeper influence, we turn the text into prayer. Finally, influence must run its course toward impact. This is why we ask each other questions. These questions are not designed to elicit information but to crystallize intention.

Challenge your church or your small group to know Jesus in a deeper way this fall by encouraging them to subscribe to and walk through the Seedbed Daily Text together in community.