The Class Meeting



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Perfect for:

  • Small groups struggling with the traditional small group model that focuses more on information than relationship (each week includes a group discussion guide; DVD sold separately)
  • Churches leaders looking to remodel their small group approach
  • Individuals looking to understand more about John Wesley’s approach to discipleship and the origins of Methodism

In these pages you’ll:

  • Be inspired to live out your faith in your community
  • Find practical ways to practice following Jesus in your day-to-day life
  • Grow closer as a group as you challenge one another in discipleship

About the Study

In The Class Meeting, Kevin Watson pulls a play from the playbook of John Wesley and brings it to life for today’s Church.

“Because most small groups are built around curricular study resources, people rarely get down to the real substance of what small groups are all about: transformation, or becoming like Christ. Most Christians know much more than they are practicing or applying to their lives. Class meetings were essential for the first Methodists, and they are essential today, because they helped people grow in faith in Christ and learn how to follow Jesus with their lives.” – Kevin Watson

The Class Meeting turns decisively to a time tested and proven method presenting a new solution. Though the early Methodists were a people of one book, they utilized the small group structure not to study the bible, but rather to lovingly engage one another in conversations about their souls. They developed a language and vocabulary to talk at deep levels about what the Holy Spirit was doing in their lives.

Watson’s book unfolds a vision and a practical strategy for developing small groups that are much simpler than the typical group, while being more productive and with greater spiritual depth. The Class Meeting is structured into an eight-week study resource designed for a small group to work through together. Along the way, your group will be progressively equipped with a shared language to talk about the work of the Holy Spirit in the inner person and a structure for holding these kinds of meetings. After eight weeks, the book is laid aside and the class meeting is born.

Preview the first week of content here.

Sample Video Session

About The Author

Kevin M. Watson is the Assistant Professor of Wesleyan and Methodist Studies at Candler School of Theology at Emory University, he is an ordained elder in the Oklahoma Conference of The United Methodist Church. His writing explores the role of small group formation in early Methodism and considers its relevance for contemporary Christianity. Watson blogs at


  • Length: 8 weeks
  • Page count: 153
  • DVD accompaniment: Optional — 8, 10 minute sessions

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