God Outwitted Me




About the Book

Brother Lawrence entered the monastic order in 1642 believing that he was giving up this world’s happiness to become a monk, but there discovered a much deeper happiness than he had ever imagined. One day when he was praying and reflecting on the dramatic turn of events in his life, he shouted out, —God, You have outwitted me!

This simple phrase has become both banner and battlecry for Maxie Dunnam, as well. It’s his testimony; God has outwitted him over and over again. In this memoir, Dunnam considers his life, not as a detailed rehearsal of people, places, and events, but rather as a reflection on the events and circumstances that have shaped him into the teacher and preacher he has become.

About the Author

Maxie D. Dunnam is the former president and chancellor of Asbury Theological Seminary. He is now Senior Pastor Emeritus and Executive Director of CCGlobal at Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis. Dr. Dunnam is a powerful and prolific writer, having authored more than forty books, including the Workbook of Living Prayer, which sold more than one million copies.

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