Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice




This series is about our connection with God in the midst of obligations and responsibilities. Volume 1 developed the core practice, Appreciation, which works as the fuel for a life of prayer. Motherhood as a Spiritual Practice is an ebook that represents the first of many possible applications of this everyday spirituality. Whether we are full-time mothers or CEOs, life can swallow our energy. But what if there were another way of looking at our days, a more ancient way? What if we were missing a thousand opportunities to connect with God—occasions that do not show up on the usual list of spiritual disciplines? While developing a disciplined life of spiritual practices should be an aspiration for us all, we should also cultivate our spiritual life while fulfilling our responsibilities.

This series explores sacred things waiting to be discovered among the mundane. It poses a central question for Christians today: How can we turn our daily situations into prayer?