Sola Sancta Caritas Seedling


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It all comes down to Holy Love, and in this 48-page Seedbed Seedling booklet, Dr. Joseph Dongell shows us why.

As John Wesley has put it:

  • “Love is the essence, the spirit, the life of all virtue.”
  • “In love is found perfection and glory and happiness.”
  • “Be most zealous of all for love, the queen of all graces, the highest perfection in heaven or earth, the very image of the invisible God.”
  • “This love is the great medicine of life; the never failing remedy for all the evils of a disordered world; for all the miseries and vices of men. “
  • “Wherever there is love, there is the whole image of God.”

But Wesley is saying something more than that love is ‘important,’ a claim with which all Christians could agree without dispute. Rather, Wesley has has a specific understanding of how love works across the whole Christian life, and how love is the operational center of all things.

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