Surviving College (With Your Faith Intact)




College: the ultimate time for growth. With this newfound freedom and an endless amount of opportunities to become immersed in campus life, it’s no wonder you often find yourself overcome with distractions.

As a Christian, though, you don’t want these things to crowd out your relationship with Christ. So how do you grow spiritually while embracing the opportunities available on a college campus?

In this short compilation of blog posts, Guy Chmieleski addresses the main cultural distractions present on college campuses and offers practical advice on how to develop and grow your faith on campus.

About The Author

Guy Chmieleski is the founder of, University Minister at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., and author of the Seedbed books, Shaping Their Future, Campus Gods, and Noise. Hurry. Crowds. He earned his Master of Arts in Ministry from Palm Beach Atlantic University and his Doctorate of Ministry from George Fox Evangelical Seminary.

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