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A Metrical Psalter: The Book of Psalms Set to Meter for Singing

The Psalms are for singing’so why don’t we sing them? The word psalm simply means song, and the superscriptions that introduce many of the psalms indicate that the Psalms were indeed sung.

Those superscriptions in the Hebrew text were actually part of the first verse of the psalm. They give information for the director of music about the tune, or instruments to be used, or the type of song form to be used. But we have no collection of those Hebrew tunes or song forms. And Latin chant, which was the church’s music for singing psalms for much of church history, is not a familiar musical form for many Christians today. Therefore, to provide a way for psalms to be sung, a metrical Psalter sets the text of the psalm into meter and rhyme. This enables the text of the psalm to be sung to metered tunes that are currently known.

In A Metrical Psalter: The Book of Psalms Set to Meter for Singing, Julie and Timothy Tennent have faithfully set the biblical text into poetical form in a beautiful hardback book—not writing new poetry about the text, but following the exact text of the psalm as closely as possible.

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A Meditative Journey Through the Psalms

The Psalms have been sung, prayed, read, cherished, and memorized by the people of God for thousands of years. It is no mistake that God put, right at the heart of the Bible, an inspired prayer and worship book. The Psalms were given to us as a means of grace. In other words, each of the psalms represents a bridge or conduit through which the grace of God can be conveyed into our lives.

This beautiful hardback book is a collection of thoughts on each of the psalms by Timothy and Julie Tennent. While no single meditation could even begin to exhaust the meaning and insight of any given psalm, these particular meditations are the result of many prayerful conversations about each of these psalms that have arisen from a daily practice of psalm singing over the years. These meditations are not intended to be a formal commentary on the Psalms, however it may surely serve as a guide for anyone who wants to engage the Psalms in a deeper way.

The renewed emphasis on the book of Psalms has come with many questions by Christians about the best way to engage the psalms. The psalms were all written between the time of Moses and the end of Jewish exile. Therefore, they are all written before the coming of Christ. How, then, do we read or sing these psalms as our worship? How do we relate these acts of worship to all that we know about Jesus Christ, the cross, the resurrection, the coming of the Spirit, the life of the church, and so forth? How do the Psalms relate to so many later acts of worship, such as hymns and choruses? Many of these questions will be answered as you journey through this book.

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