Tips on Teaching the Bible





Download this one page discussion guide to use in small groups or Sunday School. You may make as many copies as necessary for local use. 

The Bible is the primary means of grace which God uses to form us into the character of Jesus Christ. It claims this for itself, and the history of the church confirms this marvelous reality. What’s so special about the Bible? It reveals to us the character of God and the good news of how we can be reconciled to him. For this reason, it is critical that we dig deep into Scripture to train ourselves in the ways of God, but also so that we may share this good news with others. Teaching the Bible doesn’t have to be from an official position, in a formal group, or from a large platform. It can also be in the conversations you have with everyday people. For those aspiring to be faithful teachers of the Bible, a healthy dose of humility and preparation are necessary.