We Sang a Dirge



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We disagree on so much right now, but I think loving others well is an idea we can all get behind, as imperfectly as we sometimes live it out. We Sang A Dirge shows Lo’s deep love for his community, and God’s deep love for the oppressed in poems that not only sound beautiful, but also carry the hope of a more beautiful future.
Bob Goff, NYT Best-selling author of Love Does and Everybody, Always

Please attend to the voice of We Sang a Dirge. It is part window, part bridge: facilitating new sight and giving the possibility for connection and togetherness.
Todd Hunter, Anglican Bishop, founder of the Telos Collective and C4S0

The words of We Sang a Dirge are so needed in our world. Lo addresses the topics of race, protests, politics, 2020, and the church’s racial history head on. It’s convicting without being condemning. I need more voices like Lo’s in my own life. We, the Church, need more voices like his. Black, white, republican, democrat, millennial, baby boomer, whatever—pick up We Sang A Dirge, you’ll be better for it.
Adam Weber, lead pastor of Embrace Church & author of Love Has A Name

Lo Alaman occupies one of those rare, sacred spaces which the church so desperately needs: The prophetic office. Like the prophets of old, he does it within a poetical form which reaches down into our inner life and demands reflection, change and transformation. I heartily recommend it!
Timothy C. Tennent, President, Asbury Theological Seminary

Almost as an afterthought, Lo and I had a conversation one day about lament. Until that conversation, I’d mischaracterized it as something too closely akin to repentance. In a sentence or two, Lo redefined it for me as space for God to shape our pain around his truth. His two or three sentences set me on the high holy mountain of lament, and I’m reluctant to leave now that I’ve found the beauty of this place. I got a few words … you get a whole book. I hope you will take the gift.
Carolyn Moore, pastor of Mosaic Church & author of Supernatural

This is not a book simply to read; we need to live with it. Of course we will read it, but we will pray it, and that will become living prayer. I hope you will live with it with me.
Maxie Dunnam, Pastor Emeritus at Christ United Methodist Church, Memphis TN

My dear friend Lo Alaman invites us to pause and listen to his inner lament. My challenge for you as the reader is to take the time to stop and hear the overflow of his heart and art as our brother in Christ.
Mark Swayze, Pastor of Student Ministry, The Woodlands UMC

About the Book

We Sang a Dirge is not a manual on lament, but rather a glance into the lament of its author, Lo Alaman. It is a collection of poems, journeys, prayers, and invitations. He offers no answers here, for only Christ has those to give. Poetry doesn’t seek to share facts, but rather to share an experience. You’ll find no politics or advocations for any government except the kingdom of God within these pages. What you will find is a window into the joy and grief of following Jesus in this skin.

We pray these poems are a catalyst that open all sorts of windows (hopefully your own). Biblical lament stems from hope that God has more in mind for His people than the brokenness that they find themselves in. These poems are a window into hope.

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About the Author

Lo Alaman is a husband, father, brother, and son. He began following Jesus in 2011 and has committed his life to sharing and being shaped by the gospel. As an artist and minister, Lo seeks to tell the story of God’s love through creativity and building relationships.


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