Focusing My Gaze



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Jesus came to give His followers abundant life. It is a life filled with meaning, purpose, wonder, and beauty. Jesus assures us that if we will seek first His kingdom and righteousness, we will not only find those things, but all the other things we so desperately seek as well.

The prophet Isaiah was allowed to see the Lord in all His glory. As we unpack this marvelous story of God’s grace, we will discover how the focus of Isaiah’s gaze truly determined the state of his being. Isaiah looked in four different ways and discovered more about the Lord, himself, and his purpose in life in the process. They are essential in the life of anyone who wants to experience the abundant life that can only be found in Jesus.

We look up—and see the glory of God.

We look inward—and see ourselves as we truly are.

We look outward—and see the grace of God.

We look around—and see the mission of God and our place in it.

Join us in this journey as we see how these four looks have played out in the lives of men and women of faith, from biblical times until today, and how they are still transforming the lives of those who choose to focus their gaze.

Perfect for:

  • Sunday School
  • Book Clubs
  • Small Groups

In these pages you’ll:

  • Discover the importance of finding your identity in relation to God and his glory
  • Find inspiration to receive the abundant life that Jesus graciously offers us
  • Connect the dots between personal commitment to Jesus and engaging in his mission

About the Author

A native of Kentucky, Max Wilkins grew up in Florida. He studied at Vanderbilt, South Florida, Emory University, Asbury Theological Seminary, and Oxford. Max pastored churches in Florida and Hawaii for thirty years before becoming president and CEO of TMS Global, a global mission society. Disciple-making, church-planting, leadership development, and global mission have been the heartbeat of his ministry. Max has preached and taught in hundreds of churches in the US and more than forty countries around the world. He and his wife, Dee Dee, have two grown children and live in Peachtree Corners, Georgia.


  • Length: 8 chapters
  • Page count: 219
  • Video accompaniment: None

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