Resemble: Do You Follow Jesus?




What is the unlimited church access? You will receive rights to distribute the individual use PDF to your entire congregation and the booklet file that is ready to print, fold, and staple, so that you may distribute a paper copy to students and small groups. Just make sure you print it double-sided.

You and your family are invited to resemble Jesus. When you follow Jesus, you look more and more like Jesus. Your home is a crucial and exciting place in the kingdom of God and the primary place of following Jesus! What if your family, from your youngest to your oldest, ventured into Scripture, prayer, and life as disciples? How would your family change or be encouraged? How would your family change or encourage your city?

This devotional is an action guide to following Jesus. We have prepared twelve weeks for your family or group to connect and grow through Matthew 28. God will continue to make your home a place of his kingdom and his church as you follow Jesus and resemble him.

We will break Matthew 28 (NRSV) into seven parts. The first five parts proclaim the resurrection and how it was received by different people, which includes: Earthquakes and Angels (v. 1–4), He Has Risen (v. 5–7), Jesus! (v. 8–10), Lies (v. 11–15), and On a Mountain (v. 16–17). The final two parts, which we will spend several weeks in, contain what we call the Great Commission—simply Jesus’ response to the resurrection and what Jesus hopes our response will be. These include discussions on: Authority (v. 18), Heaven and Earth (v. 18), Making Disciples (v. 19), Baptizing in the Trinity (v. 19), Teaching (v. 20), and Jesus With Us (v. 20).

Each week you will be guided through prayer, Scripture reading, working with the Scripture together, discussion, and following Jesus.