The Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith



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Perfect for:

  • Confirmation classes
  • Newcomer classes
  • Families
  • New Christians

In these pages you’ll:

  • Find a robust catechesis presented perfectly for a modern audience
  • Discover difficult biblical concepts explained simply and visually
  • Be equipping new Christians and younger audiences with a language with which to explore, discuss, and ask questions about the big story of Scripture

About the Study

Like a tattoo, the fundamental truths of the faith are supposed to be permanently etched into us. However, a lifetime of learning, loving, and living the scriptures requires that at some point, we really begin to understand where they come from and what they mean.

The Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith is a visual introduction to the core beliefs of the Christian faith. While it assumes no background knowledge of the scriptures or church teachings, this eight-week study is stocked with rich explanation and engaging videos that bring catechesis to life for people of all ages, backgrounds, and stops along their spiritual journey. Like all books, it is possible to read this one alone, but it is designed specifically to be studied in community—to lead small and large groups through the big ideas of the faith. The memory verses, catechism, text, and videos in each lesson work together seamlessly to provide a clear, compelling introduction to Christian belief.

In working through this study, you’ll be binding the truth about God on your head, hands, and house through scripture memorization and by learning the answers to important questions about God. Obeying Jesus takes a lifetime of learning. As you enter this study, let God’s grace shape and change you. This is what it means to be a disciple.

Digital leader guides for high school and college groups are included free with purchase and will be delivered to your Seedbed account at the completion of your order.

Also be sure to check out the pocket booklet, a great gift for groups as they conclude the study and The Absolute Basics of the Wesleyan Way, a great follow-up option from the series!

About the Author

Philip Tallon is an Assistant Professor of Theology at Houston Baptist University, where he is the chair of the Department of Apologetics, and a faculty member of the Honors College. He is the author of The Poetics of Evil:Toward an Aesthetic Theodicy and co-editor of The Philosophy of Sherlock Holmes (with David Baggett), and, of course, The Absolute Basics of the Christian Faith. You can find him on Twitter: @philiptallon.


  • Length: 16 chapters // 8 or 16 weeks of study
  • Page count: 131 pages
  • DVD accompaniment: Strongly encouraged — 16, 3-6 minute sessions

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