When Women Lead


When Women Lead is designed to help men and women better understand the unique leadership challenges of women leaders, and to help women design strategies so they can flourish in life and work. We can help women who lead to hold more realistic expectations and employ more effective strategies by giving them solid data and proven strategies to move beyond survival so they find joy in leading others.

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Perfect For:

  • All women looking to learn more on how to be a leader in all areas of their life.
  • Men looking to partner better with, and empower the women in their life
  • Groups that want to learn together and discuss what it looks like to have women lead in their church and communities.

In these pages you will:

  • Engage with Carolyn and her first hand stories
  • Learn ways to practically become a better leader
  • Be inspired to grow as a leader in your communities

About the Book

Much of what men and women both think about women, gender differences, and cultural norms is remarkably under-processed. Without the benefit of intentional conversation about the barriers women face, most women are left to enter the world of leadership with inadequate awareness and resources. The acknowledgement of a woman’s right to leadership is only the first step. We have not yet addressed the very common barriers women face when they enter the leadership arena, nor have we explored practical solutions to help them navigate those barriers so they can lead effectively.

Women need to know that unrealistic optimism is a recipe for failure. Simply by acknowledging constraints to success, then exploring strategies to enhance leadership skills, we can help women take greater authority over their call to live out of a God-given identity and giftedness.

When Women Lead is for men and women who advocate for female leadership within the Church. When women are educated about the challenges they face and are given resources to navigate beyond those challenges, their opportunity for success in ministry increases dramatically. The purpose of this book is to describe those challenges, explore practical solutions, and equip women to lead successfully and hopefully.

While it is an excellent resource for women ready to enter leadership with more confidence and authority, it’s also perfect for denominational leaders charged with raising up women called to leadership roles, for lay leaders who want to better understand the dynamics at work when the pastor is a woman, and for husbands, parents, and friends who desperately want to support women in their life who are living out what God has given them to do.

What if the Kingdom of God is straining toward the day when all God’s people are deployed in the work of the Great Commission? Women are already leading powerful movements around the world. The evangelistic explosion being documented in many closed countries is largely due to the leadership of women. Missionaries tell of the critical role of women in introducing the gospel to new groups. This book can help to equip a new generation of women to rise up with tools in hand to welcome and advance God’s Kingdom on earth.

About the Author

Carolyn Moore, an evangelist, church-planter, and disciple-maker, is the founding pastor of Mosaic United Methodist Church in Augusta, Georgia. She is an ordained elder in the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church and a founding member of the Wesleyan Covenant Association.


  • Length: 10 Chapters
  • Page count: 194
  • DVD accompaniment: No

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