Follow the Healer [On Demand Course]


Engage with a holistic and accessible introduction to the “why” behind the “how-to” of healing ministry.

This course is a partner resource to the book Follow the Healer: Biblical and Theological Foundations for Healing Ministry (sold separately) written by Stephen Seamands. Seamands teaches this course with four decades of teaching theology and active involvement in ministry to help us understand the fundamentals of divine healing—a core dimension to Jesus’s earthly and heavenly ministries. Seamands’s writing and presentation style in the videos make this often neglected teaching accessible to all people, inviting everyone to participate.



About the Course

This on-demand course is for anyone curious about the if, why, and how God heals in the world today. Recent decades have seen a renewed openness to healing in the church, and God’s Word certainly demonstrates that is central to the past, present, and future ministry of the ascended Jesus. But few teachers and practitioners have invested the time in developing a biblical theology of healing. This course by Stephen Seamands puts forward an approach that explores the heart of the matter—why God heals, the nature of healing, and a host of matters related to the mystery of pain and suffering in our fallen world.

Those who take this course will be particularly struck by the balanced perspective, which integrates what the Bible teaches in a way that challenges us to believe all that God has for us while acknowledging that healing has more dimensions than is commonly acknowledged. Participants will be challenged to wrestle through the relationship healing has to the image of God, the Kingdom of God, and other rich theological themes that emerge from Scripture.

For an enriched experienced, we encourage the purchase of the book as well as supplemental materials such as the Journal and Church Kit for deep community alignment. See below.

The Teacher

(Ph.D., Drew University) is emeritus professor of Christian doctrine at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He continues to speak and teach on  issues of emotional healing and spiritual renewal. He is the author of Wounds that Heal, Ministry in the Image of God, and The Unseen Real.



Additional Resources (each sold separately)

Follow the Healer Book & DVD
Follow the Healer Journal
Follow the Healer Church Kit


  • How long is the course? The course is comprised of 8 sessions approximating 20-30 minutes each.
  • When can I watch the video sessions? This course is our first On Demand course. You can watch (and re-watch) the course modules whenever you’d like. 
  • What else is provided with the course? Each session includes a summary of the teaching, questions for reflection, next steps to pursue, as well as a recommended reading list.